Monday, April 1, 2013

Arts & Crafts Design

MacIntosh, Morris & Lloyd Wright

...sounds like a law firm but couldn't be more different. As the founders of the Arts & Crafts movement these three men were right brain thinkers from a very deep creative side. I also believe some of them had lot of gray matter on the left side and were good businessmen although it appears they also missed deadlines, imbibed, partied hard etc., which seems to apply to a lot of creative people. After all Leaonardo da Vinci rarely finished a painting.

When Scottish designer Charles Rennie MacIntosh entered a European competition 'Haus eines Kunstfreundes' asking architects to develop fresh and innovative ideas for "A Grand House in a thoroughly Modern style" his entry was incomplete and he missed the deadline. However his work could not be ignored and a "Special Prize” was awarded with no first prize being considered whatsoever ( future post). So I am really interested when I read about the difficulties these highly creative folks had in life and wonder if it is just life and happens to us all or are they so far right-brained that the left is just not computing businesswise and it is their downfall, at times. Like all artists once recognized these designers did make a huge difference and took us in another direction. I chose Arts & Crafts Design for my final project in the Advanced Interior Decorating course further studying in much more detail an area of design I was seriously interested in . My design boards are illustrated below:

A 1920's Arts & Crafts bungalow designing two rooms (Bedroom and Living Room were chosen) and a bathroom ( my apologies for the reflection).  I changed the layout to accomodate an ensuite with window and a laundry room off the common space. The bathroom was designed to accomodate disabled requirements

Floor Plan & Electrical Plan
Highlights the Glasgow Style of Charles Rennie MacIntosh portraying the lattice profile in furniture, curvature in pattern with japionese style end tables and mission style lamps

Sample Board - based on Charles Rennie MacIntosh Design
with William Morris Fabric (Acanthus Leaf)
The Edinburgh Collection from Stickley furniture which was inspired by the Glasgow Style of Charles Rennie MacIntosh includes the Willow bed and the Glasgow bench which demonstrate the lattice motif /pattern that MacIntosh was famous for and is reminiscent of a chair MacIntosh designed for the Willow Tea rooms in Glasgow. Two oriental style night stands flanking the bed are striking in black wood with gold details as they support two streamlined mission style bedside lamps in a metal finish. 
Vogel Slipper Chair in William Morris
Heather Acanthus Leaf Fabric

Drapery- Woeller Textiles, Kitchener ( through Isle Mill Fabrics, Scotland) Grovedale Lavender 100% wool with definite curvature and pattern of oval shapes connected end to end characteristic of the Glasgow style.

Slipper Chair - Grape/ Heather upholstery for Slipper chair in William Morris Acanthus Leaf pattern from Sanderson, UK and available at Telio, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Sample board based on Frank Lloyd Wright Design
I believe the Frank Lloyd Wright style with open concept living is more favourable today than it was in his time.  Lots of wood in furniture and panelling with Morris' Arts & Crafts style upholstery and wallpaper patterns in botanical and nature designs. Lloyd Wright was also know for his multi-functional furniture and spaces.    

Frank Lloyd Wright's Coonley occasional tables were selected for the room.  The slim end table is comprised of two tables, one within the other. The Boynton Hall Table (console table) matches nicely and sits at the window housing a Japonisme style lamp and space for refreshments. The Robie Tabouret (small table, footstool or seat) can be used as a tea table or an extra seat  The Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin chair can be used as a stand alone piece or utilized in the dining room.

The Robie Tabouret - Upholstered in rich Aubergine colour in Faux Leathertex, 100% Polyurethane, Polyester & Cotton Blend, 100,000 rubs for multi purpose use from Woeller Textiles, Kitchener.

Taliesin Barrel Chair - Sun coloured upholstery fabric in Velvet finish. 100% polyester.Stain repellent finish w/ acrylic backing from Woeller Textiles.

The yellow sun colour on the chairs is reminiscent of the sofa Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the Martin House. However today’s fabrics with stain repellent applications bring it up to today’s standards.

The next three future posts (3) will be on the individiual works of MacIntosh, Morris and Wright.

It' a beautiful life when you learn something new...


Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Oh my, you would love my sister's lounge! The design and furniture was loosely based on a photo of Morris' own living room. Their sofa is almost exactly that green / mustard stripe on your board. They fitted a beautiful inglenook fireplace and my small contribution was making two tiny stained glass windows to go either side of the inglenook. Irene xxx

Maggie O said...

How lovely Starry Eyed Stitcher it woul
d be great to see some pics. I bet the stained glass just finished it off.