Saturday, March 23, 2013


As I promised the minute I was able to download the pics I would post the photos of the finished cross stitch pieces. 
WIP - Clara Ellen
Blackbird Designs Clara Ellen ( #1 onto #2 now) in it's finishing stages in the photo left was completed and will be gifted to my Interior Decorator teacher at the college.  She has just lost her Mother ( February 2013) and in prior postings I explained how hard she worked at the college, what a great teacher she was to me and is to others and how she was dedicated to the care of her elderly mother (and father).  It seemed it was no coincidence that I was working on this piece when we got the news that her Mother had passed away. So four of us ( her students) got together and agreed this cross stitch was appropriate and I mounted and framed it rather quickly and it will be presented to her on the last night of her Advanced class on Monday, March 25th, 2013.  The finished piece in the picture below turned out very nicely with a store bought frame and custom mat.

Clara Ellen
Anniversaries of the Heart
Blackbird Designs

Hannah Lovina Joslin
Anniversaries of the Heart
Blackbird Designs

Custom framed in black with a dark red mat I stitched this piece in memory of my Mum who passed away November, 2009.  I love the pattern and the thread colour.  I added her name and year of birth.  I can't seem to bring myself to add the D.O.D to any of these memorial pieces. This design could also have been used to remind one of a previous address. My childhood memories of growing up in Tontine Park did make me think about adding that address to the piece... but I had started it for Mum so I will seek out another one that I can do this with. there are many more all depicting a house(s) that I can pick from. You could have a whole series of previous addresses...Granma's house, cotttage, first house, where you brought the kids up, where you retired to etc., and add colour that resembles the actual house ( white, cladding colours etc.).

This was my Christmas ornament for 2012. With my passion for fabrics I can see why I choose the beautiful natural greenish coloured linen and the hand dyed threads. I have a tartan backing for it and still deciding the finishing. It was designed as a little framed piece but I am not sure I would hang it with the glass and all...I am thinking a little stuffing and trim...cushion like finish to hang on the handle of a door. With the tartan backing I would certainly use it. Maybe it should have a name or an intial added to it. That would mean another one next year with another name/inital...starting yet another annual Christmas tradition in our household.
Blackbird Designs
Just Cross Stitch Magazine Christmas Ornaments 2012

 Blackbird Designs
Just Cross Stitch Magazine Christmas Ornaments 2010

I think this may have been my first Blackbird Design cross stitch from the Just Cross Stitch Magazine Christmas 2010 and from there I found the beautiful Anniversaries of the Heart series by the same designers that had just come on the market shortly after and now I am addicted.

It is a beautiful life when you finish a project and still love it or love it even more!



Starry-eyed stitcher said...

What a lovely personal gift for your teacher. Irene xxx

Maggie O said...

the teacher, special person that she is, loved it and it will be on display at her Mother's memorial service this month (April).