Saturday, March 26, 2011

Transition... move, shift, change, changeover,switch.  Well, if spring ever arrives we are ready to do all of those things.  I think our body's and minds are attuned to the transition period and when it is to occur as I can feel myself wanting to make the changes even though nature has not cooperated one bit to make it at all possible.  I have bought some spring like shoes.  Not opened toed or high heeled but sensible Merrells without the back...that was as much as I could muster given the cold freezing temperatures I bought them under.

The French Manor, South Sterling, PA
To break the monotony we headed to the Poconos for a wonderful weekend.  It was a very long and hard drive (my back didn't like it one bit) with lots of stops.  But when we arrived it was worth it as it was much milder weather wise than what we had left behind.  A perfect transition into spring I thought.
Feature table/mirror
I seem to think/ notice design elements every where I go these days...I must be missing my ID classes (roll on April). In the room I loved the feature table and mirror arrangement on the wall facing the was very well put together and even my DH commented on how complete it was. Our room was very comfortable with fireplace and a great might even be good enough weather to get out there on the balcony with a jacket and glass of wine if this weather keeps getting warmer, which seemed to be what was expected.  I was so glad that we had made the effort to travel.

We woke up to lovely views across the mountainous countryside.  The weather certainly made the day and it was terrific being able to get out and about.  Do a little shopping and more eating and back to relax before a full formal dinner in the evening.  Men wearing jackets and women dressed up...I like this now and again that people make an effort. It feels special.  The dining room had two large fireplaces in different designs (didn't get a pic) that rose two-three stories to the vaulted ceiling. The menu was great and the food even better.  
Sunday was even more spring like and jackets were not required on a short shopping trip. How great was that not only relaxing but shedding the winter garb to boot. Back to the "manor" and relaxing was all kicking in...lovely meal in front of the fireplace on Sunday night and great desserts... then Monday morning we awoke to this...

We couldn't believe our much for a glass of wine on the balcony...soooo we headed over to the beautiful dining room with the lovely fireplaces all lit and cozy for a breakfast that started out with a delicious coffee cake.  We gathered information that schools were closed in the area due to the weather and the hill up to the manor was we slowed right down and enjoyed our breakfast.  Took our time packing up our things and gave it time to let the snowploughs and sanders do their job before we headed out.
The French Manor

Even with the wintry weather we were still sorry to say goodbye to the French Manor and it's beautiful surroundings  It was a beautiful weekend and although we enjoyed the taste of spring that we did get and were thankful for it, I believe we are all ready to shed the winter blahs with everyone else and transition into spring.  Let's hope it is soon.


Cheryl said...

That French Manor looks beautiful! Glad you had a lovely time

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Spring will be here soon - honestly - just hang on in there! That Manor house looks beautiful and soooo French. Lucky you, even with the snowfall. Irene xxx