Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Tartan Day!!

Well here is something I can get my teeth into...or can I? It seems like things that are second nature to you are much more difficult to explain.  I will apologize for the photos...not great, but my own. Here goes...
Campbell Tartan Shawl
Let's start with the tartan is from the Campbell clan.  The most beautiful green shade with blue and a yellow and black stripe.  I love the Hunting tartans that are more muted or the Ancient tartans but then a bright Dress tartan on a moody Scottish rainy day is something that will lift your spirits. Now a tartan is something that you are entitled too...meaning you must have an honest claim to it.  The clan tartan comes from the male side of the family.  If the male is not Scottish and has no claim to a tartan then you can go to the Mother's side and look back there. The tartan you wear will be that of your clan whether it is your name /clan now or your ancestors traced back through the years.  I found out recently that "plaid" is not a pattern but in fact means a garment.

Check out the Scottish Tartans link above for all sorts of information on tartan and on the kilt.  The one thing I do not agree with on that site is that you can wear any tartan you like...well , I know you can , but being a Scot I believe you take your entitlement seriously and wear your own or your ancestors clan tartan. As you will read on the Scottish Tartans site a kilt back then was not a nicely pleated "skirt" with an expensive sporran sitting on your was known as a belted plaid ( plaid meaning garment) which is simply a large piece of material that had been gathered into folds and belted around the body. The "plaid" was used as a blanket also when sleeping out in the weather whether to mind the sheep/ cattle or watch for intruders.

Are we proud of our Scottish Heritage? Well let me tell me you how it is at our house... 

Picture above the mantle is of Loch Lomond and the stones in the glass vase are from the same bonnie banks
A heilan coo, long haired mountain goat and a sgian dudh ( knife worn in the sock)
make up the scene on the mantle

Green tartan/plaid carpet adorns the family room floor

Collectors Plate of the Royal and Ancient
 ( St. Andrews golf club)
Scottish purple thistles (some dried) in a vase

Books, books and more books on Scotland and it's people
We also have cook books and
coffee table books on Scotland- day in the life etc.
Heading into the new session of ID classes next week I must include my "castle" interior from the Colour and Theory class which will be a part of my  ID portfolio.  On days like today I am so excited that I included tartan in my ID designs...but that goes to show it is on mind and there for the taking. I will be posting my lessons from Lighting and from Fabrics & Materials in April and May.

I love the tartan items produced by Ralph Lauren and his talented team like the bedding and glasses.  Check out the blog of The Adventures of the Tartan Scot.  Here is the link...

Life is beautiful especially when adorned by tartan! Wear yours today!!

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Hi Maggie, tartan is beautiful isn't it? It doesn't seem to matter which colours are used, when woven together they look wonderful.And it is so evocative of all things Scottish - the moors and heather and mountains. Irene xxx