Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Steven & Chris Show

Made it down to Toronto for the live to tape Steven & Chris show on CBC today.  The audience participation was organized by CDECA (The Canadian Decorators Association). So 100 CDECA members, mostly women, and some guests spent the better part of the afternoon together for 7 cuts of the show. 
Steven & Chris exiting stage right

Steven and Chris were so gracious and thoughtful.  Each time they had a minute between sets they would approach the audience and allow for individual pictures.  Unfortunately we missed this by about 6 people in the line up.

Deedee Taylor, Architect/ Designer demonstrated wall coverings and showed a video of the hallways (more like ballrooms) in her home discussing how to treat such a large hallway.  Of course you know all of the and accessories making a big statement on the wall, furniture like chairs & hall tables etc.

Fashion was addressed with bright colours and pattern now that we are looking at some spring/summer weather in our not too distant future (please let it be).  The health section was about foods that cure what ails you.  Asparagus for menopause and sunflower sprouts for energy. What more do we need. 
Soapy Soles in useSoapy Soles Elite Foot Scrubber and Massager in Clear BlueThey also had a section on little tools or ones that are useless. Today the useless one was a kinda sandal you wore in the shower to scrub your feet...was like a brush inside (similar to the pics) and the smarter one was a choice between the one minute needle threader and a gadget that locks your purse to the buggy in the supermarket or a chair in a restaurant, which is a good idea.  I couldn't find these on the net but they would make great hostess gifts or giveaways.  I much more enjoyed the live to tape session much better than seeing the show on television...exciting, participating (all that clapping) and some nice giveaways.

This should get me in the mood for my upcoming ID classes...maybe!

Life is beautiful live to tape as well as in real time accompanied by my beautiful daughter..what a treat!

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

This looks like fun. It is so interesting to go to live shows isn't it - not just for the show itself but also to see how the actual production works. Did you notice on your first pic that the lady in mauve still has the ticket attached to her top? Bought new for the cccasion I bet! Irene xxx