Thursday, November 4, 2010

You won't believe it!

A few weeks ago I got word that the famous designer, often seen on Cityline Show and in Style at Home Magazine, was going to be speaking in the area. Kimberley Seldon is an interior designer, author, journalist, keynote speaker and broadcast personality. That is what it says on her web site and I believe she is a big deal.

It was a Speakers Series, put on by a local company and after some investigation and lighter in the financials I managed to get on the list.  The event CHRISTMAS BY DESIGN, an exciting holiday decor and entertaining ideas seminar was held yesterday, Wednesday, and I was in the third row aisle seat with a direct view of the stage and Kimberley.  It was like a private afternoon with the designer except there must have been another 50 people there at least.  It was well organized and executed with great tea (also coffee) and eats provided.  

The White House
 I did not take one note as everything made perfect sense...I do remember "go big or go home" is the way to go with your garlands for stairs and around doorways- not sure we can beat or compete with the White house above but you get the idea.  Don't skimp and have skinny garlands all over the place braid them together or attach somehow and have them full and remember less is more sometimes.  Measure the area and either double or triple the length depending on if you are swagging or wrapping them around the banister, also considering your budget.  You may re-design once you hear what the cost is going to be.
Use balance and symmetry in your decorating with small trees along the mantle, on the stairs and the colours should reflect the room that you are decorating.  You wouldn't put purple and pink in a red and green room, would you!  Use your left over garland/ greenery and attach to candle sticks with either glue gun or stick to little wreaths (the little wreaths is my idea).  You don't have to have all "real" greenery, just enough to give out the smell of Christmas. Decorating mantelpieces with greenery and ribbon....Kimberley was big on ribbon using it one year for decorating and the next year for the wrapping when you change the scene.  Wrapping party with wine and cheese is a also a great idea to get your girlfriends together.  Use coordinating wrapping paper so your gifts match (or contrast) with your tree decor. As far as trees go you can have as many as you want.  I thought a great idea was to have a little tree in the hall when people arrive/ visit have them put their Christmas wishes/ sentiments on a little card and hang the cards on the tree. Little trees can be really cute and festive in smaller rooms/ hallways.

One little "dove" tree that Kimberley
showed from Country Living Magazine
Tree container is a
galvanized tub
( from Country living also)
You can do an all  "green" colour on the tree adding gold or silver to give it some light.
When attaching the lights and ornaments Kimberley sections off the tree into the visual you are looking at ( may be a third) and starts at the top and winds the lights all the way to the bottom then adds the ornaments...moves to the next section and starts again...she has many, many more lights than the average person.
Use your collections to decorate whether on the tree or group of candle holders on a table or hearth.
If changing to the lovely white wonderland with glitter your ornaments in January when you can get a deal.
White Wonderland with glitter
 It was a brilliant afternoon and I couldn't believe the energy I got from it.

Kimberley Seldon & Maggie O

It is a beautiful life in the design'd better believe it!!

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Oh boy! Lucky you. I would have loved to have gone to an event like this. I love Christmas and decorating the house. I am one of the 'go overboard' people. I tend to be traditional rather than themed as I think it suits this house better. It'll be here before we know it -yeah. Love Irene xxx