Sunday, November 7, 2010

Knitting up a Storm!

The Hat and Bruttie B

The Hat
The Hat
Two new items for posting.  The wee hat that I knitted up in no time this weekend and it turned out great. This was Esme's choice out of four on the pattern and it was a good one.  The motivation was her standing in line at school on Thursday without a hat...she has beautiful hats, but does not want to admit summer is over and it is time to keep your noggin warm (she comes by that honestly). Hopefully she will wear this "new" addition. The yarn colour is much deeper than it is showing up on camera, but you get the idea. I attached a charm with her initial on it to finish it off.  I will add "pages" with details of these two items.

The green number below is a Christmas gift. I am delighted with the yarn and with the pattern.  The yarn is a Pure Merino Wool and so soft and easy to knit with.  I am taking my time with this one as I want it to be perfect.

I am waiting on new yarn for the Iggy sweater and I will complete it in no time. One, because I like the simplicity of it and the classic design , this is a change for me (complicated was all I could handle) and two just to get it done and behind me as the first one was a disappointment.

I downloaded the Skull Beanie on the Ravelry site and I will get yarn and complete this for Euan.

So much to little time.  The final project for the Interior Decorating class is due Nov. 17th.  I will be out this week gathering fabrics and paint samples for a whole house colour scheme design.  The stress level is about right for me to do a good job...I need to be under the gun sometimes to pull it off.  I am feeling good about it.

It is a beautiful life in the knitting world where the yarns are so colourful and feel great...and your project is a success!!

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Hazel said...

Gorgeous beanie hat! In answer to your question my fire is a coal effect gas fire so not real coal but it does the trick! x