Monday, November 1, 2010


Looks like we made it! (was that a song?).  The blow up Halloween thingy was installed. It is huge and little kids love to see the waving trees and little ghosts and the big bad witch.  All ghouls and goblins were in their place and the graveyard was amazing with the limbs shooting out of the ground. Pumpkins, all five, were carved ( one pukeing pumpkin)  and the tea lights ( found them within five minutes- always a chore each year) were inserted to light it all up.  Welcome little ones...whoohoooohooo!!! We had a lot of kids but not 100 like in the old days, although we still plan for 100, ...maybe 50 this year.  Even parents were dressed up.  So sad it is over and it was soooo exciting!!.

Bee Bop girl with a poodle skirt, Hermione, Slash and a blood activated ghoul
(Note: The one far left is not in costume - he was a lobster but manage to run out of it)

Brutus the Lobster

Here he is in costume!
Life is beautiful when you see it through a child's eyes - or a dogs albeit!

Saturday I took a few hours out of the busy schedule and attended the Artworks show at Bingemans for sanity's sake.  It was a sort of a last minute thingy as my friend mentioned she had tickets for it when we were ""Kegging it" on Thursday night.  Some shows are better than others and I thought I would see a lot of art (oils, watercolours, acrylics) but of course "art" as we know it comes in many shapes and forms.  There were some very nice landscape watercolours and some very colourful acrylic paintings of people and places as well as enhanced computer images (there is a name for this) of photographs that were very nice and well done.  Two booths containing very modern, abstract and bright coloured pieces ( more like wall hangings) were a breath of fresh air.  I really liked them in their saturated colours and can see how effortless it would be to pick the colours and  not worry whether or not the sheep looked real or the clouds too heavy. But I am still a realist. Some hand knitted and crocheted items but nothing to write home about  in that department. 

Figgy Pudding Christmas Bell

Pottery Christmas Star
The two finds that I thought were worth the trip (well there were three, but we will cover that one last) was a very nicely decorated booth called Night & Day from Mount forest, Ontario, showing Raku Pottery ( Raku is a process)

They had some very nice Christmas ornaments...a bell with the words "Figgy Pudding" on it that gave me a warm feeling. ( wonder if Edgar has any figgy pudding recipes, Mmmm) and a star in neutral colours that was ever so pretty in the light.  I need to figure out where it will that will give me something to think about now that Halloween is over.

There were many jewelery stalls but the one that caught my eye reminded me of the interview J.K. Rowlings did with Oprah in Edinburgh recently and she had one funky piece of neck jewelery on. The designs by Aleksandra Jewellery reminded of that exquisite piece. The young woman that made it did an amazing job and demonstrated how to wear them (they came as a package - a long piece, short piece, bracelet, earrings, funky stones, heavy and light chains all included in one piece - wear separately or just wear it all around your neck at once - which I liked).  You could see she knew each piece intimately and loved what she was doing and had done.

The third thing I stumbled across was the Rug Hookers Guild for Kitchener Waterloo ( who knew)...I don't get out much , I guess.  I received a list of suppliers and some teachers and will get back to finishing the one I started and hopefully go on to something that I design.  When I first got interested in this craft it was because I wanted to do a piece on my genealogy, wouldn't that be it being Halloween I am thinking of a kinda ghoulish one...well it may turn out like that anyway LOL.

I am hoping now that the excitement of Halloween is over that we now get back to something normal and concentrate once more on my cool colour project for school.  I am having trouble with this one as the cool colours look so drab to me but I need to figure this out and make it "designer" pretty.  I think this one is tough!

My knitting items are dragging. I have had some trouble with the yarn for the Iggy sweater...the beautiful blue one. I have contacted the yarn company who graciously told me to pick something else (I have knitted the Iggy sweater like 100 times - bit of exaggeration there- as the yarn keeps splitting).  This on top of all else these past few weeks almost brought me to my knees as it should be finished and stitched up to say the least. I am sure we will work something out but I am disappionted he is not getting a pretty blue sweater to match his eyes.  I am a big believer in mistakes happen and it is how it is handled that makes the difference.  This yarn company has gone above and beyond as far as I am concerned and they haven't dragged their feet either. I will give this project another go with a different product that they no further expense to me.  If successful, no reason it won't be,  I will post the outcome.  They say if people work well in groups they will all be successful (or something like that) so we are both doing our best on that front and I am most appreciative.

My cross stitch "Floral Gift" needs my full concentration which seems to have gone out of the window and over the hill somewhere because I don't even now how that works anymore...I cannot feel that coming on any time soon and I so desperately want to do it.  I can see why people run away and are never heard from again...or at the very least take off for a weekend workshop or conference.   Some quiet time might be good and badly needed....I think there is a medication for this...get over it !  It feels like a need a "defrag" like when the computer gets so fragmented it slows right down...I think I know how to do that it has something to do with a Pinot Gris and a beautiful glass.

Life is truly beautiful when another human being is respectful and considerate of your position without "giving in" on theirs and the outcome is where both are happy.

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Oh my - I do love reading your blog!! Such interesting views about the art show - I know exactly what you mean about what counts as 'art' but going to exhibitions like this does expose us to things we might not otherwise experience.
I've knit half a sock, turned the heel and everything, I am so smirky it's not true!! Love Irene xxx