Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What to do?

Here I am working on my I.D. homework this afternoon and thinking blogging and needlework and knitting and pumpkins. 

On the weekend we headed out to our favourite pumpkin patch in perfect 17 degree dry weather.  When we got there we found the folks that owned and operated it have retired ( yes, there was notice that said " We've retired".  Not knowing us and their other customers personally they didn't notify anyone and only those people who drive by that remote country road would have received notice had they drove slowly and read the little notice. So a half hour trip there with two cars and kids was quite the journey to find out "they had retired".  Very disappointing. We tried to recoup and went to the Terra nursery, but their supply of pumpkins were limited and quite expensive ($5.00 more than the local grocery store).  We also wanted the corn stalks and the retired folks had them decorated just ready to scoop up and decorate with.  Also they had the dog dressed up as a cowboy and that always made me laugh. Change...how will this work? Another thing now is that the weather is turning and we are hoping to get out to another venue that is open ( I checked) and has a corn maze...but we need some dry weather before the weekend.  The kids took it extremely well knowing they will be looked after...but I am worried. Pumpkins to pick up, corn mazes to walk through and get lost and found again (all takes time).  The pumpkins need to be carved and set up and candles to be checked or those wee lights with the batteries worked out okay last year.  Just recalling that Euan lost his tooth in the corn maze last year...and lo and behold didn't he find it...don't know how he managed that...amazing how money drives you ( tooth fairy).

Anyway, the ID homework is coming along as I have added some details and today I need to give the walls another coat of the beautiful red colour with the blue undertone ( hope I can mix this again) to get rid of the streaking.  I know it will work (well , I can only hope) but doubt it is in the "A" category.  It has a green contrast in the chairs and accessories which makes it a complimentary colour scheme.  I would say the style is modern Victorian...certainly the colours are Victorian but the furnishings are more of today's look....very traditional.  Pink is not one of my favourites but to brighten things up it made it into the scene and is within the chosen colour scheme. A little light is good.  Okay I will work with it.

This also needs to be accompanied by the paint chips (stuck nicely onto Bristol board) and an essay of 200 words, yikes it is due tomorrow night!  What have I been doing?

It's a beautiful life in warm colours that can increase your appetite, make you want to linger longer in a warm and cosy room...gotta luv it.


Kathy said...

Sounds like you have been pretty busy too. :) Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm healing after the tumble I took. Mostly embarrassed at first, the bruises didn't hurt until later. :)

That's a shame about the pumpkin picking. I know that here on Long Island there are bunches of places and the newspapers usually have plenty of articles naming them. I hope you are able to find a place by Saturday. As for your design. I like the color palatte. Very cozy and warm. Good luck with getting your assignment done on time. :)

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I like your colour choices too, and good luck with finishing your assignment! Halloween here in the UK is becoming so Americanised, lots of pumpkins, decorations and costumes available. Very different from the little turnip lanterns of my youth which were very shrivelled and smelly when we brought them out again for Bonfire Night on Nov 5th. Love Irene xxx