Sunday, October 10, 2010

Observations, beginnings and ends...things to be thankful for.

Here is the finished aran sweater.  I think it is delightful and the green is a great colour on him with his dark hair.  The pattern is not showing up as well as I would like it to, but it does show the various cabling involved. Considering this sweater was one composed out of my stash and a pattern on hand...not bad. The blue one I am doing for him is in the finishing stages and I will post a pic of that soonest.  I will carry on with the bobble patterned cardi for Esme ( here in blue below) and start yet another sweater for a Christmas gift. Of course I will post these on a separate page with the pattern and yarn information.

Give roses not thorns...this is the Thanksgiving holiday in Canada this weekend ( Monday, Oct.11) and we have a lot to be thankful for as a nation and individually. Family in particular that we love unconditionally, friends that we cherish and memories of those that are no longer with us.   I have been noticing the people whom I come in contact with each day and their attitude and kindness towards others (without the blink of an eye). I am more aware of this than I have ever been before.  Soooo, as we don't all have money to give ( that would be the best to help people that need that and who doesn't) lets give what we can....our time, a smile, a helping hand...I have said it before that I am a big fan of PIF ( pay it forward) and random acts of kindness...if we all did just that then the world would be a better place to live in. So maybe we don't need to be millionaires to make a difference. Let's see what we can do good deed a day, week, month! I would love to hear what yours is.  It can be...and really is... a beautiful life!

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Oh you are so right. It takes the smallest thing to make someone feel just a little more special, a smile, a nod of encouragement, it costs nothing to give.
Love that sweater, such a lovely colour. Irene xxx