Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Days

Reverse Stocking Stitch Sweater
Yes, I have finished Euan's green aran sweater...( will post pic at end of week) and to satisfy myself and stop that fidgety feeling I started his blue reverse stocking stitch sweater just before I stitched up the green one.  How boring after the aran pattern but it is knitting up nicely and with little effort.  I also have Esme's bobble knit on needles too. I don't like the way the bobbles are turning out and keep redoing them and pulling them around ( please let me know if anyone has a specific way of turning out nice bobbles). I do have the Debbie Bliss baby bobble sweater that I did for her when she was a baby and I mean to review that pattern as the bobbles are perfect.

 The organizing that I did earlier has paid off and I just have to pick up the next project (all sorted with pattern, yarn and needles in the bag).  I need to keep this up but I want to reduce the stash somewhat first and I am trying very hard not to purchase more yarn.  But of course I get drawn to new and interesting patterns that do not meet my stash content.

I am loving that the Blacksheeps Piece of the Web blog took it upon himself to "PIF" ( Pay it Forward) gifting to three people who participated ( lots did) and those three people then PIF so that another three gifts are produced and so on, and so on. I am thinking on something similar.  I am so thrilled with my new organization and project management of tasks it would be good to go with that theme.  I will give it additional consideration and see what I can come up with.  

Riverside Inn
My pics for today were taken on our recent weekend away.  I wished for rain for the weekend before I knew we were going away...and did my wish come true!!  My thoughts at the time were that I would get through two knitting projects on the weekend and get two others well on their way....rain pelting off the windows, fire on and some nice dinners.   

Chilean Sea Bass
Well, the rain was pelting off the car windows as we made our way down to PA to a Historic Inn for the weekend and continued to pelt of the windows at the Inn non stop. It was still pelting off the car windows on the way back and we have seen heavy showers today.  I did have some lovely dinners though,  like the delicious sea bass and sweet potato and a very relaxing weekend. A good time was had by   all nevertheless....it would have been difficult to "dampen" my weekend. After all we celebrated 44 years of marriage on Oct 3rd, happy days!

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

44 years of marriage is something of an achievement these days. Many, many congratulations.

I love to be inside when it is really raining heavily - even in a car - there is something very cosy about it. Irene xxx