Friday, September 24, 2010

Participating to win

I am still fairly new to this blog thingy and although I enjoy it immensely I need to find the time to view others and figure out how this all works or should work. One blog I visited this week and is now listed here is "Blacksheeps bit of web".  I found this blog not only entertaining and informative but a connection in that the talk was of a porridge spurtle ( my Scottishness) and The Choir ( a show I have been watching on public television starring Gareth Malone who does an amazing job getting a community to sing together- you need to watch it).  Now Edgar that writes the blog has a giveaway coming up and to win you have to submit a comment to his blog and then a draw will be made from those that have entered. This I am assuming gets the visitor to comment and hopefully to visit his case I am not sure it is necessary as I will visit just to see what Edgar has to say. But I did comment to enter for the prize as I want to participate as a blogger and let him know I was there and that enjoyed his musings.  Also, if I mention his blog on my blog I get an extra chance to I participating yet? The Blacksheep site was listed on Starry Eyed Stitchers blog as well as a few others I have visited, so it is popular one, and the odds of me winning may be stacked against that I have told you..

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Edgar's blog is so popular, and his stitching so beautiful that you need to compete against 60 or 70 other entries. But someone has to win -good luck! Irene xxx