Monday, October 11, 2010

Knitters Unite!!!

I just found this web site and copied some sample sayings to entice you.  Go visit, laugh and make your mark. It would be great to have the stickers on the "knitted" items gift boxes for Christmas. You can design your own tee's, buttons, stickers or buy what they have on offer.  I thought it was great and I liked the "four" letter versions as it is how I feel sometimes when I am interrupted and I am completely gone working a challenging pattern...this may narrow down my choices for a PIF thinks this is brilliant!

Double-sided Tote BagI Liked To Knit Before It Was Cool Travel MugLikes to Knit While Slightly Mini Button
Craft Pirate Needles Women's Plus Size Scoop Neck
It is a funny...and beautiful life!

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Hazel said...

Thank you for the sweetest comment on my blog! You might find this link great for joining in your squares. With this blanket I am making now I will be using a different method.

I think this method will work with your knitting. xxx