Friday, October 15, 2010

Cross Stitch Gifting & Knitting - Happy Friday!

 It is turning a bit cold here in Canada and we have had a little frost...but it is brisk and fresh and after a hot summer very welcoming indeed.  I enjoyed the freshness of the air this morning as I believe I was what they say "a little hot under the collar".  I went in search of the Just Cross Stitch Magazine, the Christmas ornaments version...I wanted it bad....thought about it since the "Starry eyed Stitcher" told me about it yesterday. Searched on line for it and saw it featured on the "Quietly Stitching" blog,  Thought about it when I was out with my girlfriend last night for a glass of wine or two. How sad is that?

So off I went to Chapters this morning and waited 10 minutes for them to open up.  I combed all the shelves and no mag...I then proceeded to ask for help...walking to the other side of the store to get that help...they piss assed around looking for something they didn't know they had or not...they don't keep track or lists ( not sure what ) of their mags...that took two can that be?  I have my stash organized and now I know what I have on hand in a wink and also what is in the queue etc....these people are in the book/ magazine business in a big way and have a huge computer system to draw from and they hadn't a I went to the knitting section and found two books that I really liked.  The assistant there could see my frustration and I explained... she very kindly gave me a 25% off coupon...wasn't that nice. Always a sucker for a new Debbie Bliss (or one that I don't have) I bought "The Knitter's Year" has some great stuff in it and it shows how my knitting thinking has changed.  I would not have bought this book five years ago.  I liked complicated to prove yourself stuff...and then last year for Christmas everyone got a scarf (I was on serious painkillers so not a good time to be looking at complicated stuff).  They were beautiful scarves and because not large, or complicated, everyone got one and they were all very pleased. Sooo, in Debbie's book there is a nice pattern for a hat, cabled scarf, tea cosy (like the one I failed on in school - didn't tell you I couldn't knit at school - I could write a book about that troubled time) and a hot water bottle cover.  All easy, small and doable...and as they say at MacDonalds...."I'm luvin it".  I also picked up the Cowlgirls book (was on "a Friend to knit with" site) and it looks pretty good for those cowl type neck thingy/scarves.  So  not a completely wasted journey. I headed for the local book store ( they were more than helpful) but didn't have the cross stitch mag...I spotted Debbie Bliss Fall/ Winter Knitting Magazine - who knew?- well maybe some of you guys, but I didn't and it was like Christmas...well Nordic Christmas it said on the cover. It had  some super fair isle patterns for letters ( HOME), hat, sweaters  and a piece on tartans under "Scottish Eccentrics ( I knew there would be a message in there for me) another hot water bottle cover ( must be coming into fashion again).  However, the piece de resistance is a light weight cardi  in alpaca silk, it is in stockinette stitch, knitted in pieces, so quite plain but with some...what I would call...fully fashioned accents in the seams, sleeves and back, a rolled collar and handkerchief points at the cuff...there is also a stunning cable dress that I might attempt after Christmas ( Ooooohhhh, I think I am heading back to the big stuff). However still no cross stitch I go on-line to order and the shipping was atrocious but I do want it...tried to find Canadian site and I did and it was I am steaming ahead...checked out the address and low and behold found it to be no more that 10-15 minutes from home.  What are the chances, although my Mum would not have been surprised by that. I called the shop to see if they have them in stock ( looks okay on the web)and left a message.  They only open on Saturdays so the plan is, if they have it,  I will pick it up after my grandson's hockey practice and breakfast.  I will pick up two and I will give one away as a gift on this blog because there must be someone else out there that wants it as badly as I do.  I will post tomorrow if I manage to pick up two and we will start the gifting process!! I can't wait.

It is a beautiful life after all.

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Mmmmm - not getting a little obsessed with all of this are you Margaret?
Take a deep breath now - b.r.e.a.t.h.e.
There that's better!
Irene xxx