Sunday, October 17, 2010

If your wondering...

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Hockey Practice October 2010
 I am out and about today as they say.  Attending my grandson's  Sunday afternoon hockey game ( 9 year olds- that's him at the front of pic yesterday) and loving every minute of each game I can feel myself pushing along to enable the player to takes a lot of my energy does this as it is hard to contain myself...after all it is not the NHL so standing and cheering for one preferred player may be frowned upon.  At this age they can win 8-1 or lose 8-1 and I am so proud of my grandson when they lose and he is just his wee self not feeling that they were useless or anything like that. Tried his best. After all someone has to lose, right. But it is nice to be on the winning side. 

That is why you have to post your comments for the giveaway so that you can be a winner or know at the very least that you have tried your best. LOL

 I am off to Michaels ( Craft Store) this afternoon to add to the giveaway, throwing in a "secret" prize" if you mention this giveaway on your blog. Reminds me of those Lucky Bags you used to get and couldn't wait to open it up and find some plastic figure and thought you were getting something special - no it won't be like that - why did I say that? This afternoon I have Interior Decorating homework to tackle and as it is a Colour Theory class I am excited about that too.  I will also be picking up threads at Michaels... so colour is in the air here.

Leave a comment- win a prize! Mention it on your blog and I will add a "secret prize" if you win.

Ohh what a beautiful and exciting life it is!

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

You must be so proud of your grandson. He sounds so happy and balanced. Why wouldn't he be with such a wonderful family supporting him? Love Irene xxx