Monday, October 18, 2010

Threads,Linens and Hockey- all good

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Well it was freezing in that arena yesterday but we persevered as usual and enjoyed the effort put forth for a 3-1 score for our losing team.  They were winning in the first half but that changed in the last 10 minutes. He played a good game and tried his best!

Sooo me thinks JCS magazine(s) Christmas Ornaments issues are just great and although I must have picked out 50 plus ornaments that I like (maybe more if I tell the truth) I have narrowed it down to three.  Two are a bit ambitious for me, not to say my first pick is not, but I have to start some place. So I am starting with Blackbird Designs - Floral gifts in JCS 2010 issue.  It speaks to me!

"Foral Gifts" bottom left

I picked up the DMC threads for the project from Michaels yesterday (not too exciting as I would have loved the ones Blackbird Designs recommends) but I couldn't find the 32 count Luna Belfast Linen. Today I am off to Mary Maxim in Paris (no, the Ontario one) to see if I can find Belfast Linen for my project.  I started to pull out my stash upstairs and I think I may have some but it is not tagged and I don't know what the count is being fairly inexperienced in " do it yourself" cross stitch, I must have bought this a very long time ago.  Anyways, I have posted pic of the fabric I found in the stash and if you can identify it please let me know and I will try to make use of it or pass it on to someone who can. The picture is not great so it may be hard (read impossible) to identify the count.

Thank you Irene for your kind words and I hope you get your JCS Magazine soon...if you don't I will take up the cause and find you one. It might kill me but I will do it!

Lovely comment from Clydeside Stitching, thank you so much Cheryl..  Cheryl is keeping up the Canadian traditions in Scotland whilst I keep up the Scottish ones here. Why don't we just swap places? We are only an hour from your DH's hometown and I believe you are about 1 hour or less from mine...spooky eh? Good luck in the draw- so far you are winning LOL!

Leave a comment- win a prize! Mention it on your blog and I will add a "secret prize" if you win.

It is a beautiful life on either side of the pond!


1dekorasyon said...

thank you very much for this useful interior design related topic. my appreciation is for your nice presentation.

Chris said...

I love the JCS ornament issues too. I can't wait to see your ornament stitching. The linen and colors look great.
Have a great week!

Cheryl said...

My husband would swap places in an instant!! Hes really misses "home."