Monday, August 2, 2010

It's a Small World after all

Well it has been some time and shame on me for relaxing and forgetting all else in this busy world. 

Just returned from a fabulous family vacation and enjoyed every , every second.  Temps of 89-120 F don't leave you any room to do anything else but relax and soak up the heat.

My Swimsuit - by Esme
Local fresh fish for lunch - by Esme
( red snapper & swordfish)
My granddaughter asked for her own camera this year for her birthday. In the meantime I have lent her mines from time to time and gave her free reign with it.  Her pics have been incredible and when she gets her own camera soon she can continue to show the rest of the world how she sees it. Can't wait to see how this "develops".

Yacht from the lighthouse by Euan

Her brother has his view also which seems to be more from a distance whilst his sister's photographs contain more close up images. How lucky are we!

My  husband and I took a day trip to Beaufort, SC, and amongst other things found a little knitting shop (in all that heat).  The people were very friendly (of course, its the south) and on hearing my accent the lady informed me that her friend is from Scotland  (Glasgow) and her husband was a Tour De France competitor in 1961 and was the first Scotsman to do so. They lived locally ( Blufton) and were returning to Scotland this year as his home town was celebrating in his honour. I found this to be Ken Laidlaw and he is from Hawick now living in South Carolina.  I bought two knitting books containing "American Afghan" patterns.  On the way back in the car I browsed through the books (can't help myself) and there were a few contributors from Waterloo, Ontario and some from Toronto. The patterns are great and I will share them with my knitting buds.

One  evening at San Miguel's (Mexican restaurant and best Martguerita's on the island - why I was there) we talked with Caroline at the bar and found that her sister participated in the Women's British Open at St. Andrews, Scotland. She had fond memories of this "College Town" as she put it, and that trip to share.  Her father came to the island in the early 70's as a golf pro and although she has been off island to University she has come back home to stay for awhile. Who could blame her.

Well, back to reality and planning the next trip which is much that I am relaxed. Hope I have the energy to update you on the course outcome and garden happenings from June and July.  Stay tuned.

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

You are so lucky. Beaufort is a beautiful place. I only went there once but loved it.
We have talked before about how small the world is and how close we all are-it just takes a little communication those connections. Maybe you have sown a tiny acorn with Esme? Who knows where and how the seed will grow.
Irene xxx