Friday, June 11, 2010

Needles, Paper, Granite, Rock & Cake.

Despite all the things that are going on in my life right now I don't think I have ever been happier.  It is a funny thing as the stress levels are through the roof...or should be...but I am so grateful for all I have and each day that is given to me to enjoy it all.

Now I have always said " I love change" and I know there are a lot of people out there that hate change or scared of it.  If things are not changing I get scared, believe me.  Life is not happening without some change. Take my knitting...I start out calm and content and a little excited about getting the garment started...then I get really excited about finishing it, so the heat is on and I can do nothing else...and as things start to turn out alright, I am on to something else, I need the change as far as that goes,  and some don't even get made up ( nudge, nudge, wink, wink).  When I finish a successful project ( and I have had many)  I am ready to move on...without any compliment or fuss.  So I am now aware of this and need to think this through so that I am managing what I start through to the finish (or maybe not) and also need to stand back and compliment myself on the finished project...or scold myself for not finishing or doing as well as I could.  I think this thought process will help me finish up the knitting items.  With that said I am now looking at all the yarn I have bought over the years...because I loved the colour, the texture or just the price ( what a bargain sitting in the box). It is all a work in progress.

In saying that, it has been a wee bit frustrating. I have taken the little blue Guernsey sweater and am sorting out the second sleeve.  This was completed and I ripped it out as I thought it was too small looking for the garment and maybe I had made a mistake in the size.  It is coming along and once I get back into the swing of it (counting rows and getting the rhythm of the pattern, then I will be OK).  I told you I was a multi tasker didn't I , well that is a problem as I also try to read/ or watch T.V. when I am doing this and then I have to drag it out a few times before I learn that I need full concentration on the subject at hand.  I met with my
knitting instructor on  last week...we speak the same "knit" language and it is always good to have a friend that has similar/ same interests.  I took finishing lessons from Margaret ( yes, same first name, how cool is that- Hi Margaret, Hi Margaret) some years ago and I was so impressed with her knowledge on the subject and most of all her patience and good nature with her students.  When I ran into a bit of trouble with the little "brambling" jacket and the set-in sleeve I finally gave in and sought out some help with it this past winter...well I called the store where she was the instructor and low and behold when I showed up for the session there she was. The store was closing down in March or thereabouts so even though we are some distance apart we agreed to meet and carry on from there.  Where will this take us?  Maybe all my knitting projects will be completed in good time with Margaret's encouragement and interest. She doesn't have to say a just want to do good.  she has taken it upon herself to search for the yarn I ran out of and know good yarn stores in and around the Toronto area...I feel like I have been cloned somewhat...though Margaret is a fabulous cook as well and a photographer...she is working on how to get her pics from the old slides to  CD's...or find a projector that works would be fine too.  I will look forward to seeing what she sees when she looks through a lens.

I am also working on some garden design projects and plans which I now need to get off the ground (pardon the pun).  I have completed two designs on paper, one that the client took on themselves ( not always a good things as you don't want your name linked to something that is not perfect...I will stay on it and keep offering free advice until completion).  The other one needs to be quoted and implemented in phases...this is exciting as in three years we will see quite a difference and it will be a work in progress for some time and keep on changing (did I say I liked change)!  Hoping we can give this plan some life ( see rough copy).

For my final project in Interior Decorating Interior Materials and Surfaces I need to gather samples...(paint chips, tiles, flooring, crown moulding, baseboard, cabinets etc, etc.).  It is hard to deliver completed projects that reflect your creative side in this subject or may even blow folks away, as it is not your ideas but your creativity with what you can gather and actually deliver something great from the meagre collection...whether you like it or not.

I seem to be getting dis-illusioned, it is not moving fast enough for you would think I would have all the boxes ticked...but I don't, I need to wait for the adrenalin to kick in and stress me out (or vice versa) to get me moving. We visited a granite studio which was very interesting and the young women that owns the place knew her much to know about rocks and things. I will stick with it ( I really wanted to take the colour class but it was cancelled) and I do have some nice things to deliver as I am getting better at the "gathering" process, I will make it great. I have included pics of my sample boards (or what I managed to gather) from the other two classes to give you an idea of what is involved. I do have an "in" at the fabric showroom now and I hope to share that experience with you some day. It was wonderful.

James Taylor and Carole King were superb at the ACC.  It was an amazing concert and I wouldn't have missed it.  The buzz of T.O. brings back many exciting memories of the high regrets but I don't think I could multi task like that today.  We stayed over and had breakfast with my son and his friend on Saturday. it was so nice to do things the Toronto way and have breakfast on a patio...the weather was warm but a little windy.  Still all very pleasant and civilized.  I couldn't believe how tired I was on Sunday...I need to get out more!

It is my grand daughters birthday today and my son's birthday on Sunday (or you could say Son day) so lots of cake this weekend and celebrating.  It is just delightful to celebrate a life that is as unique as my two Geminis.  They are both creative, intelligent, know their own minds, change their minds ( well they are in the twins zone) and can be two different people at times...both fantastic and intriguing...that gives me double to love. What a wonderful life...was that a movie?  My grand daughter was in a horse show at the stables this weekend and she was third.  She was moved up to the novice class and did very well , she just turns 8 years old today. All of the kids did well and it is great to see them all out there trying their best.  She rode "Sunny" and she put a lot of energy into to making him move...and succeeded a few times, hence the third place.  She loves the horses and riding class

I will go and attempt some more work on the project that needs to be delivered for the I.D. class on June 23rd, and I will post the pics of my boards.  I am behind in my work so if I don't blog until after that you will know I am working hard and stressing out...all good.

Don't hesitate to leave me a comment or critique my blog...this is all new to me.

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Hi again, Margaret,

What a lot of news here! They always say if you want something doing, give it to a busy person, and that would seem to be you right now. I didn't know you were such an accomplished knitter. I knit, but wouldn't be able to adapt or combine patterns as you do.
Great designs for home and garden too.
Irene xxx