Sunday, May 23, 2010

Best laid plans...unfinished knitting projects

This little sweater is called "Brambling" from the Rowan Little Knits book.  I knitted it in a cotton yarn and have another at the same stage in a Rowan cotton.  this one needs the collar attached and some buttons. I will finish both shortly and press them up for a better photograph.

This is my own design.  It is a girl's dress with a tulip border along the bottom and what looks like gathering  along the top. I have most of the back and front finished and then it will need two could also make a nice top with some leggings under. I like playing about with this to see what I can come up with and if it will all work out.  I bought some knitting software for the computer to count the stitches/ adjust sizes etc., but I prefer to do this manually and use the computer as a check.  When I find a mistake/ misunderstanding in a pattern. I find there is little help out there to work it out even from the supplier.  However I have been fortunate enough to meet up with a knitting instructor that I took some finishing lessons from a few years ago (well worth it) and I will enjoy going over this with her.  This is done in Butterfly Mercerized Cotton DK that I picked up at Mary Maxim in Paris ( no, that is in Ontario)  in a pink, cream and taupe shade.

This is a Debbie Bliss pattern that I love.  It is a little smock coat and the pattern across the top is fabulous.  I interchanged the cuffs on the sleeves with another Debbie Bliss Pattern for a girl's coat that I finished, quite different from this one, but the cuffs turned out amazing and I just had to use them again.  I don't have enough yarn to finish this and I can't remember what colour it was.  Again I bought it at John Lewis in Glasgow and it was in the Debbie Bliss line.  I would need to go there and try to match the colour and what are the chances. So I should probably unravel and knit something else with that exquisite cotton yarn that Debbie does so well

This is from a Jaeger book of Nine Designs for Babies and Toddlers.  It needs the sleeves sorted out on both sides and the neck finished.  It is done in Cotton DK in a Guernsey pattern and wouldn't take too long to finish it up.

This is a selection of squares in many different cable, bramble stitch and such patterns that need to be attached to make a blanket.  I have three of each design completed and if I do the same in blue or pink...hey presto, baby blanket. But can I put my mind to it?  The challenge was to conquer each pattern and low and behold I have done that. We will see.

If you think this is a lot I have more, but in earlier stages.  So the plan is to finish these items and get on with the rest so that my grand children can have the experience of a hand knitted garment...let's hope they are not into serious fashion before I deliver the goods.

What a knit wit!!