Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to the Future

I have started this blog with pics of the two sweaters I have just finished for my grand daughter. They are called "Brambling" from Rowan's Little Knits book. I posted a pic of the grey one unfinished in May this year ( Best Laid Plans - unfinished projects) but have since got my head down and finished both.  What a great feeling.  I have started a sweater for my grand son now with cables and pattern and hopefully he will wear it when finished but I do need to come up with some up to date and maybe plainer patterns for their age groups (8 and 9) that I know will be a hit with them.  As the fall approaches I will get my knitting and cross stitch projects started and hopefully be productive this winter. 

My next Interior Decorating class starts on September 16th, Colour Theory, and I am so looking forward to that. I just finished an elective for that course that was offered in a one week time slot (rather than 3 hrs one night for 3 months) and received an excellent grade on it. It was a super class with a great group of people and two instructors that really new their stuff and were tuned into adult learning. What a pleasure. I need to get some business cards made up as I keep getting asked for one and for the Garden Design I have been doing and enjoy so much. That will require me to apply myself and focus but I will get it done. I am hung up on a name for the ID business that will capture my style and demonstrate my eclectic flexibility.  I have moved from Traditional to a more Modern approach.  Brighter/ lighter colours, clean lines etc., but I still like the "castle" feel and period house furnishings and colours.

Hostas Sunpower & Spilt Milk
Summer is flyng by and the cold winter winds, never mind the three feet of snow, will be here before we know it so I am trying to get out daily and soak up some of the heat...must be an age thing. We have been so busy with other things that we have not paid much attention to the garden this year but I am about to embark on a serious clean up and take out the grasses (they have seen their day) and do some trimming. As you can see the hostas have been spectacular and the maples have really come along too.

As we approach the fall my blog will take a crafting approach as I am looking for new things to try and to finish, they will need to be challenging.  That will include knitting and cross stitch and my ID projects but there needs to be some growth here so I am not sure what that will look like. I am ready to step up to the future to see what it holds.


Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I love those sweaters! Do they have a little peplam - is that the word for an additional flared hem? Esme will be the envy of her friends and her friends' mothers - stand by for orders!
Choosing a company name that will really indicate your style will be difficult but very important. Vistaprint here will print you 250 business cards for free - might be worth trying them. Love Irene xxx

Maggie O said...

Thank you Irene for the comment and advice on the business cards. I will try it. It is a peplam!(I haven't heard that word for many years. It is "pleated" to create more of a flare at the bottom. They fit her perfectly and one is a bit heavier than the other so different purposes. The first one was knitted as a sampler and cost me $20.00 for a beautiful cotton yarn on sale. The heavier one is in a Rowan cotton and cost me about $60.00 in yarn.