Wednesday, May 19, 2010

She never stops smiling!

Garden in front of deck - July 2008

What an amazing day today has been.  The weather helps some and it has been fantastic.  Warm, breezy and sunny.  We had lunch outside on the deck at the local Golf Club after some leisurely shopping (haven't leisurely shopped in a long time).  I came home all relaxed and finished off my first assignment for the Interior Decorating class which is due tonight and I am quite pleased with how it looks...let's hope Teach thinks so too.  Of course I could always add more but you need to stop somewhere.  I seem to get really creative when it gets down to the wire and then I have all these wonderful ideas.  Not sure how wonderful they are as it is usually too late to use them.  Anyway, I am looking forward to another interesting night...if I  learn one little thing it makes it all worthwhile (wish I had thought that way when I went to school.  I think I was in a daze back then).  Tomorrow I am hoping for the same type of weather and I will tackle one of the beds at the back.  We usually start with the one along the front of the deck (pic above) as it just needs the border trimming and some is pretty mature and gives us a fairly easy result to start...and so it goes from there. I have picked up some of my unfinished knitting projects and started to sort them out in the hope I can either finish them or unravel the yarn and start anew.  I have a cross stitch I am working on is a bowl of cherries and when finished it will go to a special person, who will remain nameless, but commented when I was working on another one like it that she liked it.  It is a special cross stitch and I love doing it because it was the one that turned me on to cross stitch and was sent to me by my friend Valerie, who I miss dearly.  However it really is a small world because the Starry-eyed-stitcher (see blog list -well worth a visit) sent it to Valerie. I have another cross stitch project half done of Hidcote Garden.  I picked it up at the gift shop when I visited the garden many years ago now.  I will contemplate how I fit this in for finishing.  So I am hoping tomorrow is amazing as today.  At the end of the day I get to take my granddaughter to her 2nd music lesson which she is so keen on. It is delightful to get to participate in this activity in some small way.  She never stops smiling.