Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Mornings

Rockway Gardens, Kitchener, Ontario

There is something about Saturday mornings that are restful and fun.  There is no rush and breakfast can be what you want it to be.  My grandson and I will make pancakes this morning, just because it is Saturday and we have time. He is only nine years old but has been making pancakes with Grandma since he was two or even earlier.  He has the recipe down pat and leaves the cooking of them to me...then I feed them to him.  He usually eats lots as they drown in the maple syrup.  He measures the dry ingredients in a bowl and then I pour in the liquids...he stirs until he is satisfied he has mixed it all together whilst I warm up the pan and then the fun begins for me.  He likes big pancakes and my granddaughter likes very small pancakes (she is 7) or pancakes in the shape of a horse, monster etc. I try my best and smile a lot!

I have a special Saturday in May that I look forward to each year and it is has become a tradition for us (mainly me).  It is the Kitchener Hort Society's annual bulb sale at Rockway Gardens. This year it will be held on Saturday May 29th.  You must be a member to participate but at $10.00 single membership or $15.00 family membership it is worth it.  This also covers the garden tours ( 2009 was especially well done) and support this hard working group. I have been a member for a long time and have only missed a few bulb sales due to being incapacitated with back problems. I get up at 6.a.m. and head off to Kitchener and line up for the opening where you pick up your number in the queue and renew or join the membership.  According to the number you get ( lower number would be better) this gives you an idea of where you stand in picking up the favourites. You can then leave and go for breakfast and return at the opening of the sale at 9.a.m.or later if you have a high number in the line-up. There will be 12,000 bulbs in 27 varieties for sale for $2.00 a dozen! All imported directly from Holland. These bulbs are previously enjoyed and on display at Rockway Gardens for the 2010 season. I have been saturated with bulbs some years as you always pick up what is left over too ( if the ones you wanted sold out earlier) and then I would distribute to friends and  neighbours.  I still admire them in other people's gardens.  I think I will take this up again in my newer neighbour hood...let's see how these neighbour's accept this crazy lady handing out bulbs to beautify the neighbourhood. I will let you know.

Lazy Saturdays....Mmmm


Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Mmmm put me down for a big pancake please! What a lovely idea to sell off the bulbs from a public garden and then to offer them to friends. I bet it makes you smile everytime you see those you have given away flowering. Irene xxx

Maggie O said...

One big pancake on order for you my friend. Little glitch in the bulb sale tradition....but good swap you might say.