Sunday, May 14, 2017

It appears "Spring has Sprung" at long last and we are through another cold and harsh winter ( it is May after all). Our azalea (see pic) blooms early and improves each year which is usually our personal goal. In many ways I appreciate this time for renewal and growth, what better way to celebrate spring than to return to "the" blog

I have missed blogging and sharing. Facebook took over from some of that but just seems so cold, automated and impersonal.So here I am revisiting and enjoying reading through past blogs. I have just realized that I have been on a journey and achieved a lot of my goals.  I am now an accomplished Real Estate Agent, Interior Decorator and I teach Interior Decorating ( Floor Plans, Space Planning and Presentations) at the local college - all of that since 2013. My love for cross stitch, knitting, water colours, etc., etc., remains and I am now putting all my "eggs" in one basket to create the "whole" package. My real estate work intertwined with my interior decorating is a no brainier. It allows me to include staging and interior decorating (colour and furniture placement ) for my Sellers and Buyers. I have also designed a cross stitch to gift for my clients with their house, address and move in date included ( I will post pic of the next one). I would like to knit up some amazing blankets in intricate patterns so this is a W.I.P. and I am looking to perfect something that is gift worthy and special to the specific client. These take much longer and more thought - so it is not a quick sale/buy. I was thinking several addresses that the client has occupied over the years - more like a genealogy of abodes in a lifetime, childhood home, first home and whatever else - cottage maybe. As I said a W.I.P.

I have also completed some amazing sections of my family tree during this time and connected with a 2nd cousin - flesh and blood. How great is that!

Today I am off to show two houses to some very special young clients. Yes, it is Mothers Day, but as you know the world doesn't stop and I love my job! A great start with breakfast and some amazing offspring (there is that word again) was special with some home made Scottish square sausage and beautiful roses ( not for eating lol) and dinner with out with my special family - I do feel celebrated and special.

My posts will include Interior Decorating and Real Estate information, tips, how to's and what is trending  as well as spontaneous information that makes the world go around. Life is beautiful!

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