Sunday, April 28, 2013


Doing nothing in the Cotswolds today and it is brilliant.  I will post pics when I return.The food has been amazing...pigeon and quail eggs...and the weather has not been bad at all...49 worst and 66 best...the pubs are everywhere. Gardens and houses have been visited and small high standard cosy Cotswold village cottage is extremely functional and central. Creativity has been awakened and art galleries and antiques are being studied...can't wait to share the pics.

Here is a few more ideas for your blackboard....

One look at Medusa and you could be turned to stone however with Benjamin Moore’s Chalkboard Paint you can turn just about any item into a chalk board. Just think on the possibilities for your children alone. One wall of their room, section of wall, table that they can draw on directly….endless possibilities and the chalk wipes clean.

Large Chalkboard for Kids Playroom Design Ideas
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Also you can use it in your office ( appointments, reminders), the garage (task list) in fact any space for notes to self, notes to family- the rest of the household, phone messages, appointments, calendar for school or work events etc., very helpful. However the ones that are catching my eye have a designer look to them with a quote of the day, month, year- permanent quote and coloured chalk with pretty designs around the edge or just a flower applied in the right space.

Home Office Design with Chalkboard Wall
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Kitchen Design with Chalkboard Backsplash Decoration
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It is a beautiful life doing absolutely nothing in the Cotswolds...


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