Wednesday, April 10, 2013


 A follow up to my announcement of April 6th...

The chalkboard paint has cured for the three days as per the requirements and we now need to apply the chalk to the whole board before "chalk writing/ drawing " on it.  I applied the chalk and wiped off with a cloth. Benjamin Moore recommends using a cloth to wipe off and using only blackboard light coloured chalk for design/quote application as other chalks can leave a residue...well we don't want that
Prior to initial use rub the entire surface
with a piece of chalk  and then wipe clean

Using a decorative  molding cut the trim pieces to
fit surrounding area to make a frame

Tip: Paint trim pieces before applying
Go to Michael's with 50% off coupon and pick up
stencils and chalk ( white and coloured)

If you thought I was impatient ???These two little helpers
 were all over it the minute the supplies arrived

Using chalk and stencil apply to board. These stencils worked well as
they had a large space to apply the chalk.  Smaller stencils were just blurry.

 Tip: when you remove the stencil use a small wet brush to clean up the edges

Or, using a combination of stencils and free
hand design/ quote...come up with your own images
Stencils did not do too well they were too small
so we used our own free hand style.
Note to self: buy larger stencils
All of this had to be wiped clean of course to apply the trim
but it was fun and we are getting the hang of writing on the board
which is cork board with chalkboard paint so maybe not as smooth.

We stuck the painted wood frame on with "No More Nails"
Worked very nicely

Framed and flowered - Thistles freehand

Dearest GD added some poignant words of her own choice

... we have a ...blackboard!!
  It's a beautiful life when you "leave a message".

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