Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flipping Out

No it's not the Jeff Lewis show...although I do like is entertaining and his designs and reno's are terrific

This is the story of a very special Christmas gift. 

My adorable granddaughter is very good with a camera and for her birthday last year she received a very nifty one that she personally picked out.  However, she took more video with it than still shots.  So for her Christmas I though the "Flip" video would be a good thing for her to have.  I looked at the "Flip" site and chose the best memory etc., and opted for the "Flip Slide" model which has 16 GB (4 hours of video) and a 3" slide wide screen to show your videos.  It also has 12 hours of video storage to take with you and a sharing feature to enable posting the video clips on Facebook, Twitter etc. with their email feature.  However the best part of this story was the actual graphic"design" of the camera.  
Section of Esme's drawing used for Flip design
 Flip offers "personal" designing which means you upload your picture and they provide three icons that you can use to personalize your image and layout for the camera.  My granddaughter had done a drawing/ painting in 2008 that hung on the kitchen wall for some time (as they all do) this one was quite unique and was full of chickens...she had given each one a name and an activity and she could tell you all about each one over and over again. No matter how much time had passed in between the story was the same.  All had names, some had just cracked out of the egg, some were skipping or jumping.  One that was jumping had no where to go as another one jumped in front of him.  One was doing the "chicken" dance.  I wanted to frame this drawing but had asked her to "title and sign" it for me, so the drawing had been put aside until she completed these tasks.

Her Mum sent an email one day before Christmas and a link to Cisco pointing out the "personalized" design service they offered on-line and suggested the "chicken" drawing...what a perfect gift.  I went on-line and completed the purchase and it wasn't until later that I found out that they did not ship or sell the one I chose ( Flip Slide) in Canada.  The order was on hold. I would need a US address and someone to ship it for me.  Had it been for me I would have squashed it right there but this was special and the bearer had seen the picture of it...personalized with her drawing and was so excited. It also came with a free accessory and I chose the Tripod.   The tripod can be used to keep the camera still and it can also be hooked onto your bike or your helmet - what fun!  I did a shout out on Facebook and my friend Maggie came to my assistance.  Maggie's friend Sherry in Georgia would be able to help.  By the time all was said and done the "free" accessory was no longer free as the offer had expired but with Sherry's destination plugged in all went well from there.  Thank you so much Sherry for doing this and making it all possible and Maggie for putting me in touch. Once it arrived at Sherry's location she turned it around the same day and sent it by FedEx ground and we tracked it on-line.  It came through Ohio and arrived in Cambridge at 2 a.m.ish on Wednesday morning , Jan 12th.  It left the FedEx office in Cambridge and had been put on the truck for delivery  in Cambridge at 5.36 a.m. The excitement was didn't arrive in the morning before school and off she went. When she came home from school it still hadn't arrived (I prayed for that as I wanted her to be here),  then she waited and waited.

The recipient and artist/ designer
She made faces, blew up imaginary balloons...and waited.
 The household hummed along...she was Granma's(me) birthday and we had cake, our favourite Albert Cake from the Scottish bakers...a lovely gift of a Yoga certificate for 10 classes...lovely cards with beautiful sentiments that mean a lot...and she waited...she sort of gave up and went upstairs to get something.  Papa was watching the soccer up there and her brother was getting ready for another B-D party, Mummy was helping him get organized to get him there on time and then the shouting started " it's here, it's here ". Doors opened and people rushed out...Papa, Euan and Mummy.  She flew down the stairs shouting "Granma, Granma the truck is here"  with everyone else following her...and she stopped dead  in the hall thinking they wouldn't give it to her and waiting for me.  Granma threw down the cross stitch in a heap (that I was so enjoying) ran to the door and picked up the camera that was sitting on the bench ready for this occasion... calling on Esme to come over and "get it". Threw opened the door and took a very blurry picture of the FedEx lady...she must have thought we were all crazy. 

Most welcome FedEx lady

It really is here!!
There was such a flurry of excitement I had to go back and get my glasses to sign for the delivery.  Meantime the FedEx lady said to Esme "is this for you?" and the smile on Esme's face was infectious...everyone was smiling. "yes it is" she said and put her arms around the box.

Flip slide video camera with the chicken design
Delivery signed for, door closed and we all ran behind her to the family room plunked ourselves on the floor beside her to "see" what it was...although we all knew what it was already.  She loved the box, the bubble wrap, the special box for the camera, the soft case and her "own design" right there on it. It was a late Christmas gift due to the mix ups but it sure was special and tracking it's delivery was precious.  It did have it's downside with an impatient child but she bore it well and smiled each time it moved from one location to another.  When she was finished "opening" she got up and danced on the bubble was like gunfire and reminded me of one of those festivals in a Latin country and their flamboyant way of celebrating. Best birthday gift I could have received.

Now we will order the accessories on-line and start the process yet exciting.
It is a beautiful life when you share in the true joy of others!

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I bet it made the FedEx lady's day too. She can't get many welcomes like that.
I love this story and Esme's drawing is wonderful. Maybe you will post one of her video's? Love Irene xxx