Thursday, December 16, 2010

Count your blessings instead of reindeer

Now I think this quote below is quite appropriate for today.

We all have so much whilst others have so little. Sometimes the cash is a necessary and much, much  needed that is understood...other times if we were all taking the quote to heart the world would be a better place to live in...and wouldn't that be a great thing. I attended the Comfort and Joy breakfast this morning for the Women's Crisis Shelters of Waterloo Region. It is a great cause and helps raise funds for those women that have to "walk away" from an abusive situation with usually not even their toothbrush in their hand and their children in their arms (thank God). Think about how much you have...and count your blessings and then go support someone less fortunate...even a smile or to help an old person with a door opening or a heavy bag goes a long way!


Christmas gift suggestions:

  • To your enemy, forgiveness.
  • To an opponent, tolerance.
  • To a friend, your heart.
  • To a customer, service.
  • To all, charity.
  • To every child, a good example.
  • To yourself, respect
Oren Arnold

I have entered a competition on-line for holiday decorating. Wish me luck!!  However whether I win, lose or draw and if I am last I am thankful for the opportunity and for the time and energy people put into these activities and the energy and excitement it generates... I am excited. 

The print above the mantle is of Loch Lomond ( my home).

I entered these pics for the fireplace mantle which I finished when I returned from HHI...just in time as the deadline is today.  You can see we have a Scottish theme going here ( yet again- is there any other way of doing things?).  The sgian dhu (the wee knife) is Euan's and resides on the mantle all year round unless it is called on for some formal it is just right it should stay there at Christmas.

So I am seriously in the spirit now and off to decorate the tree will be posted no matter how it turns out...I have two elves that ARE the "boss of me" so a lot depends on how much they want to do and what will be left to my creative matter what I know it will be the best tree ever, as usual.

It is a beautiful life the week leading up to Christmas and only comes around once a year. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.


Cheryl said...

Beautiful decorations!
Your package arrived today! Thank-you SOOO much. So kind of you and i love everything. There are so many designs i want to stitch from the magazine. Really appreciate your kindness
You asked on my blog about Calebs ornament? I stitched one last year and yes, i plan on stitching him one every year.

Hazel said...

Beautiful decs. I hope you win. x

Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Hi Maggie, nice to have you back. I love your decorating style, it is restrained but beautiful. Mine is a bit more higgeldy piggeldy. Like you, my mantles are done, but the tree is still waiting to fulfil its destiny!