Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas giveaway and great blog!

I am looking for the perfect Christmas gift for an Interior Decorator extraordinaire and whilst searching on-line I discovered the blog of "Art by Karena" and I love the fact that she is promoting recyclable goods...I try to include these in my decorating boards and I am getting better at it but blogs like these keep us up to the minute and more aware.  We are not alone in trying to do better in this area...some folks are running away with it. Must do better.  My last board included wool, silk and linen for the fabrics that are most sustainable also for upholstery and that wonderful Xorel wallpaper that is 100% cradle to cradle...gotta love it. I also explained on that one that plaid was a "garment" and not a pattern...I must run this past a few designers as I see "plaid" mentioned often as a pattern.  The pattern is actually tartan although it may not be authentic Scottish clan tartan it is still tartan.  something for me to explore further.

Karena has a giveaway of some beautiful glasses but more than that sharing this blog with you may give you a nice little lift too and a few minutes in your own little world.  The shop has nice things and great ideas for all you creative people out there.  //

It's a beautiful life in the future when your mindful of the three R's recycle, reuse, reduce.

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I once spent 4 weeks teaching a class about the Celts who lived in Britain before the Romans. We did everything I could think of to get this information into the heads of the 8 year olds in my class, we drew, we enacted, we wrote. On a coach trip we saw a man wearing a kilt - 'Oh look' said Roberta ' there's one of them celts'. Another month wasted then. Irene xxx