Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back with a Vengeance

Back with a vengeance or at least to settle the score!!

School is out and believe it or not two weeks vacation has come and gone. All of it most welcome to get back to normal, whatever that may be.

School was awesome. The two courses were a lot of work and the results very successful. It feels good to get them behind me but they were so enjoyable I am sorry they are over. In the fall I will be taking Antiques and Furniture and have already secured a couple of books on the subject. They look like heavy reading but I am ready to get into it.

I am posting my achievements in the Fabrics class but the pictures of boards look a bit wobbly to say the least.  The fabric is hanging out towards the camera so looks a bit squint. I had cut a piece into the top of the very patterned fabric and finished it off so it could be pulled out for display purposes.  The style was country French adn although there is a rooster piece in there the rest is very colourful but classy too.  It doesn;'t need to be all cotton and heavily patterned with animals or farm scenes.  In fact the opposite is true and just a hint of the french countryside is enough to achieve the style. The pictures of the windows were drawn and finished in watercolour.

A little word about teachers. We have a great teacher in Linda Guthro at the college. As I look around me and recognize that everyone has their own load that they are carrying my admiration goes out to Linda who runs her own successful Interior Decorating business, heads up the ID program at the college and took on another class (now 3-4) in all due to a colleague getting overly busy. Well it is not because Linda has nothing else to do, far from it. She also looks after her Mum who has been going through some health issues and has been in hospital for some time. When Linda is not working or teaching (including field trips and marking assignments, exams and sample boards) she is with her Mum to ensure she is being looked after. She also lives in close proximity to her son and granddaughter and still has much time and enjoyment with her family. Linda is also prone to the odd migraine and with the recent weather has suffered greatly. I have not heard her complain, whine etc., just a let’s get on with it attitude. I am very fortunate to have her as my teacher and have learned a lot from her.

The Lighting and Accessories boards display an Art Deco style in the Foyer, over the Fireplace and the Bookcase piece.  It also includes a Lighting plan. The pictures were drawn and finished in pencil crayon.




I left for vacation before my final class which meant I had to present my final project just before sitting the exam…it was okay and although not advisable it was all over before I knew what hit me. Marks were exceptionally good, so all’s well that ends well.

We returned late last night from vacation on HHI and I am pleased to say that I enjoyed quite a bit of cross stitching while I was there. I started another Cherries by Lanarte and pulled out a WELCOME piece that has been in hibernation. I picked up a Lizzie Kate and have almost completed two of them for gifts. My first purchase of the break was a cross stitch magazine at Barnes & Noble and I thought I was getting the patterns for Blackbird Designs which I have come to love. But alas it was the story of the two women who started this business Alma Allen and Barb Adams. So I am now on the hunt for their new book and some of the older items that were featured including the Farm House and Wild Rose that look amazing.

So yes I am back to knitting and cross stitch with a vengeance. I will pull out my knitting patterns today and sort through to find a new baby pattern. My friend is going to be Grandmother again in the fall and isn’t that what knitting is all about. So I am excited about that little venture.

So much has transpired in the past 6 months it is hard to remember all that was important in the moment but achievement and happiness have been big. My vacation was awesome as it was shared with my family that supported me while I was locked away in study mode or helping me whilst I was chasing around town for supplies. I enjoyed dolphin cruises, miniature golf, eating, eating and eating yet again whether from the BBQ or at the best restaurants in town and most of all the quiet times by the pool or just sitting around watching the family have fun. Both grandchildren were in camp during the second week and were able to enjoy what makes them tick. One little equestrian and the other in golf camp. Whatever it takes to support one’s passions and relish in their achievements greatly surpasses ones own desires and successes. Ribbons and sleeves of balls were greatly celebrated like a million dollar sponsorship were included.

It is a beautiful life…

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Aaah - happiness is a relaxing family holiday on a lovely island celebrating deserved achievements after hard work and inspiration. Good for you.Love Irene xxx