Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Sample Board

Well here it is and I love has been in for marking for a week and I missed it.  Looked even better when I saw it again. The inspiration for this board were memories, the tartan fabric and the picture.  Muted tones with a moody feel, I have included a couple of paragraphs from the essay to describe what it is all about - changed it a wee bit so it makes sense cut down.

Memories of dark stormy nights looking out at a landscape that is damp and mossy in green and earthy muted tones and fields that are framed by stone walls and inhabited by fierce and passionate humankind that are in total contrast of their backdrop in dress tartans of reds, greens, blues, and yellows.

Using a Scottish painting of a *Ghillie and the Lomond tartan for colour and mood a complimentary colour scheme soon emerged. Historical green on the walls brought to life by the warm and deeper reds of the upholstered pieces and grounded by the soothing tones of neutral shades that help the colour scheme flow from room to room.  The kitchen cabinets are in oak to remind the client of their favourite tree, the Birnam oak ( MacBeth's tree) in Perthshire, and finished in Moss with a Mocha glace. The flooring in the hall and kitchen is a shadow gray slate and the polished gray stone back splash is a reminder of the **dry stane dykes in Scotland that surround the fields to keep the sheep from straying. The wood floors are extended throughout the living room, dining room and family room in warm mid browns, and conversation and eating areas in these rooms are defined by patterned wool area rugs in similar but more muted hues of greens, reds, and neutral tones.

* Ghillie - boy or man that works for the estate looking after/ managing the fishing and gaming liceneses for the property and taking care of his masters parties to ensue good gaming and fishing.

**Dry Stane dykes = field stone walls with no mortar

It's a beautful life in a Scottish Castle!!


Starry-eyed stitcher said...

I love this! I clicked on your picture to get a close-up and could see the colour scheme so well and could even relate the numbers on each sample to your legend. I would love a scheme like this, it seems warm and comfortable and lived-in.It's hard to get a room to look 'lived-in' and not 'worn out' Good luck, but I am not going to cross my fingers because I don't need to, you'll do really well. Love Irene xxx

Maggie O said...

Just let me know and I will fly over and do one for you...or do it from here, that might be difficult, but I can help you. Victorian colours are warm and rich and I would think that is why you like is not far from the colours suited to the style of your house. I love this one, of course!!