Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hallelujah, the ID final project has been submitted for marking.  As it was slipping from my hand onto the table in class I remembered something I is that.  It is not perfect but it is pretty good. It conveys a warm yet  moody scene.  My accompanying essay has 1724 words to describe the colour scheme, style and mood...and if nothing else I should get a literary award for that LOL!! 

It is great to be a mature student.  You kick yourself in the back side for the mistakes you have made or less than full effort, no-one else has to do that for/ to you.  You do your utmost best and you know it so whatever mark you get you know you deserve.  If it is generous you are appreciative and if it is slightly less than you think it should be you roll with it and make it up somewhere else...unless there is a genuine mistake in the marking ( which I have seen) and you can point that out without being whiny and recover your mark.  I love it.

It is a beautiful life when we have random acts of kindness and now random acts of culture, hooray!! Click on the link below!

The Philadelphia Opera group showed up dressed as shoppers at Macy's department store where they have this magnificent organ. The organ starts playing the opening to Handel's Hallelujah Chorus and the choir breaks into song...WOW!

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

How amazing it would have been to have been part of that experience -either as a singer or a shopper. Wonderful!
As I prepared my final dissertation for presentation, I punched holes into the wrong side of the paper. I just had to trim it all down and hand it in! Love Irene xxx