Friday, October 22, 2010

So much to do - So little time!

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No I didn't sleep in this morning.  In fact I was up early and had a lovely breakfast...that is because someone else made it!  My DH whisked me off to one of Ontario's Finest Inns yesterday.  Well, maybe not exactly whisked me away...we had talked about it and planned to go maybe Friday, but then when we thought it through Thursday was ideal in the timing of things and I packed (warm sweater, socks... knitting) and headed out after yoga class. It rained a little on the way up...but on the way back we saw the "snow" ( yes, it was that white stuff) lying on the rooftops as we passed through a few small towns.  We hit the beach this morning too but it was so cold and windy that we didn't hang about.
I just had to stop at the Spinrite Factory Outlet store in Listowel which meant a slight detour...there was not much there that held my interest.  They had the "Click" yarn on for $3.99 and a decent variety of bamboo yarn (baby, mohair etc).  The place was rather empty when we arrived but by the time we left you couldn't swing a cat in there...that may have put my concentration level off a bit and I was not prepared list.  I do have a stash that I am supposed to be working on. 

I took a new start with me (Christmas gift) to cast on and I just couldn't get that thing right ( must be the drugs or the whiskey or the gin, LOL).  Finally I had the right amount of stitches and completed the very short rib.  I will post when more to see.  The blue sweater "Iggy" I have been working on has given me no end of trouble.  The yarn, which is Berroco Weekender, is splitting terribly, so when I have done a few inches I take a look and there are pieces that look like "pulls"  So out it comes and now the yarn is weaker and off we go again.  I am not producing this sweater with "pulls" on it.  I am irritated with it...but will get back to it.

Now my lovely Floral Gift cross stitch is coming along .  My first time working with linen (thanks Irene for your much needed support) but not as fast as I would like....I am persevering and singing "Perfect" by "Fairground Attraction" as I stitch..."not settling for anything less " (as the words go). 

This weekend is the big push for the Interior Decorating Class assignments for warm colours and then another one for cooler colours.  I need to catch up with my homework also in preparation for upcoming exam and final project.  I  just found out that Kimberly Seldon ( famous Designer) has several events coming to the area up to Christmas that I can probably attend and I am trying to get tickets for one of those events.  How exciting is MY life!

There is so much going on in our family life that I want to do all that too, but realize I will have to be careful with my time and ensure I am not doing my assignments or my cross stitch when tired and can't see any longer.  I can knit in that condition though, I can knit with my eyes shut...well, maybe not shut!

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Tomorrow I draw for the prize with only three contestants ( Hazel, Cheryl and Chris).  How can that be?  The JCS Christmas Ornament book is awesome....someone must be giving away free copies on every street corner and I missed it, or like Starry Eyed Stitcher ordered way ahead of time. I am not that much in the know or organized for that matter.

It is a beautiful life with great people in it, great seasons and fall is my favourite.

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October 23rd, 2010

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