Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scare the Crows!!

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October 23rd, 2010

Fall must be well upon us here in Cambridge as Saturday, October 23rd is the "Scare the Crows" event at the beautiful "Sculpture Garden" that sits along the Grand River.  Cambridge is made up of the towns of Galt, Preston & Hespeler- and they are still alive and well in their own right to some extent, after the amalgamation.  This free event is in the Galt area which oozes Scottish history and the scarecrow posts are provided as well as all the clothing etc. Of course each one is unique and interesting and after some judging a winner is declared at the end.  Refreshments are served and last year they had some items from their "Small Packages" art show on sale too.  You need to book your "scarecrow" as they are limited ( but lots) and get booked up early.  Just to go and see what the kids (and some adults) are doing is a fun day out and perfect photo shoot opportunity. All info on the poster here...
 Just look at those two beauties on the! Their grandma must be proud.

OK, onto the threads which really remind of fall even though it is for a Christmas ornament so I can see why this one got to me. I am a fall girl. I have cut the linen and bound it. Found the cross stitch ring in size appropriate I am doing this in between my Interior Decorating homework which is to colour a dining room outlay in warm colours using three primary colours and black and white acrylic folk paints.  I can't get these paints to work...I can mix the colours no problem but when I put them on the watercolour paper it is a mess. Not even coverage, blotchy etc., etc. I tried the pencil crayons ( Derwent) and I need to blend a lot to get the colour and finish I would want.  I will try the watercolours and see if this makes a difference and need to talk to teach to see how I am going to get through this one. Boy I am doing a lot of moaning...enough! 

Note to self:
Read "how to stitch on Linen" as this is a first for me ( had a lot of firsts lately)...ohhh, don't use the ring withthe linen cloth...ok...stitch over one or two threads (magnifying glass and light added) how does that work...I will publish my first stitches tomorrow but I am not saying it will be pretty.

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It's a beautiful life and what memories are made of at the "Scare the Crows" with all those wonderful colours, kids busy and an apple or some apple cider in your hand, just watching it all go off on a fresh and crispy fall day.

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

Oh - once you get going with linen you will never look back. Start 'over 2' - that's 2 threads going down and 2 across, leaving a hole in the middle, just like aida.
Lay 2 open fingers on one hand over 2 open fingers on the other and you'll see it. love Irene xxx
This has probably left you more puzzled - sorry!!!