Friday, May 14, 2010

It's a start!

This is the first post on my blog.  Pretty exciting stuff.  I have lots to share but not sure where to start.  As we are into the month of May I am guessing my garden and garden design thoughts may be appropriate.  The garden is coming along nicely as the plants are all maturing.  The oldest beds are five years old and the side bed is now starting it's third year with a nice collection of hostas ( which I rename after friends and members of my family- an endearment you could say).  We planted a Linden tree in this bed and there is a Maple tree in the corner.  It  looks quite full in the two year old picture above. This year the beds now need some major tidying up and the borders need to be redefined but that is the fun part and then you can sit in the warm afternoon sun and admire your work.  My gardening interests started when I was very young and was the passion of my Mother's brother ( my uncle) who somehow managed to pass that passion along to me.  How grateful am I.  I have learned so much from gardening including colour, texture, scale and proportion.  The trees in my neighbours yard look like Harlequin Maples which are a variegated variety.  I am sure on a garden tour many years ago I heard you had to keep lime in the soil to keep the tree coloured.  I can't back this up and recently read that you had to cut the "revert to green" branches off to keep the tree from turning solid green.  I hope he doesn't read up on that or we will have "half" trees to look at as one side has already "reverted".

Well that's a good start for a wee shy lassie.  I will continue and hopefully get used to this idea.

Maggie O

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Starry-eyed stitcher said...

What an excellent interesting beginning. I will look forward to more news as your garden progresses through the seasons.
Good luck and welcome to the land of blogging!
Irene xxx